Paws 'n Motion

Our Team

Our Team


Adrienne Frazier is the Owner of Paws ‘n Motion, LLC. Adrienne has been a huge animal lover her entire life and so when she met her husband, Matt, they had an instant connection and passion for animals. Together they volunteered at local animal shelters and rescued a dog of their own in 2009 (Annie). Matt and Adrienne moved to Kansas City in 2011 and had their first HUMAN child, Drake, in 2012. Matt started up Paws ‘n Motion shortly thereafter and the business grew rapidly over the next few years. After Matt AND Annie passed away in early 2018 - both from brain cancer, Adrienne knew it was her mission to continue to provide excellent and loving care to all of the animals in the South Metro area. To keep Matt and Annie’s legacy alive, the business continues to thrive. We have a team of talented individuals that love animals as much as Adrienne and Matt who provide superior care.


Amanda (Mandy) Long

Mandy genuinely cares about animals. She comes to us from the South Kansas City area. From growing up with cats, to watching friends and neighbors' dogs, she has always had a deep affection for animals of all types. She IS that person who plays with the pets at a party! Also new to the business side of pet sitting, she is passionate about making animals feel comfortable and well loved. She is grateful for the opportunity to spend time with your pet!


Aimee Parker