Who We Are Not a Good Fit For

When it comes to picking the right pet care provider for your pet(s), please make sure that they are insured, CPR certified, bonded and highly rated.

Paws ‘n Motion KC Pet Care Services, LLC is a professional pet sitting and dog walking service that offers peace of mind to all of our clients, and we take pride of offering the best pet care services available. Therefore, we are pretty selective on who our ideal clients are, we are looking for a perfect partnership. To be 100% honest with you, we are not right fit for everyone, and everyone is not right fit for us.

We are probably not a good fit if…

  • You are a price shopper, or full of excuses. To be honest, you can always find someone cheaper, but as the saying goes you often get what you pay for.  The fact is that most professional pet care providers are only a few bucks apart from each other.  If you are just shopping only for price, then we are not for you.
  • You are looking to hire a “hobby” sitter. A hobby sitter is a person who does this on the side to make a few extra bucks.  Think a professional company vs. your next door neighbor. There is a great saying that “Anyone can mow your lawn, but that does not make them a landscaper.”  This is our full-time job, we are professionals, and do this for our livelihood.
  • You really do not care if the pet sitter is insured, CPR certified, and professional. We surely will not be for you.
  • You are not willing to give us feedback on our services. We work hard and care for your loved ones, and positive feedback not only helps us grow, it also insures that we can provide loving, caring care in the future.
  • You are someone who is looking for group walks. We believe that our time and attention should be spent with just your animals, not your neighbors.


  • Fantastic Pet Sitter, anyone who can handle my pack of 4 plus my cat is great in my book. Recommend highly. Keeping my dogs at home on short weekend trips rather than a kennel is so less stressful for them. Thanks Matt!

    Tiffany C
    Tiffany C