My Recommendations Page

I created this page because I often get asked about the services and products that I use everyday, so I decided to create this page with all the information in one place. I currently use or have used all of the resources on this page and I HIGHLY recommend all of them.

Many of these links are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you purchase. I use(d) these companies so often, I have become sort of a champion for these products and services.


This is the largest and one of the most respected sites for pet medication in the world! Their tagline, “Over 5 million customers can’t be wrong” says it all. I have ordered several items for my dog and saved some serious cash. Just click on the picture to see how much you can save.

Free Shipping on all orders of $49 or more

The reason that I like this company is because you can save some serious money and the shipping is always fast and their customer service has been great.


PetFoodDirect is one of my favorite places to order my dog food. This site has over 1500 pet products on sale now. You can save up to 50%. Free shipping on orders $49 or more. Also save 15% when you sign up for autopay. Give it a try today.

I also like this company because their food is exactly the same as what you would pay at the pet food stores but at a discount.  I believe in supporting local business, but when you are “tight” on money this might be a place to check out!


I recently purchased this leash because it is one of those “it just makes sense” leashes. It also is great because you can control how long you want the leash to be. I highly recommend trying it. See it in action!


  • Matt is a fabulous person & he love loves dogs & cats. He's reliable & such fun!. Maddie & Nicholas love him!! Couldn't be without him

    Barbara Nichols
    Barbara Nichols
    Prairie Village, KS